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Ocean Optics

Applied Spectral Knowledge
Ocean Optics spectrometers, multispectral sensors and accessories have enabled spectroscopy applications in industrial settings, research and science, food and agriculture, biomedical and life sciences, environmental monitoring, illumination and color measurement, and safety and security.  

Here is a sampling of the thousands of application notes, technical tips, videos and other news of interest featuring Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories. Additional resources include, the Measurement Techniques section of our website, and sources of scholarly papers such as Google Scholar and PLOS One.

Application Categories:

Research & Education     Farm to Table Technologies     Life Sciences
Research & Education
Whether your work is in the teaching lab, on the process line or in the field, Ocean Optics provides the modular spectroscopy tools and consultative sales assistance to address your needs.
Farm to Table Technologies
Ocean Optics miniature spectrometers and accessories are versatile measurement tools for agricultural analysis applications and food industry process control, from developmental research in the lab to monitoring food and beverage production on the line.
Life Sciences
Ocean Optics spectrometers, accessories, sub-systems and complete solutions are ideal for many applications in the life sciences, with solutions available for users ranging from researchers and lab personnel to OEMs and industrial customers.

Environmental Monitoring     Authentication & Anti-Counterfeiting     Light/Laser/LED Characterization
Environmental Monitoring
Air quality monitoring in cities, sulfur dioxide analysis in volcanoes and coral reef fluorescence as an indicator of ecosystem health — these are just a few applications that benefit from the flexibility of our spectrometers.
Authentication & Anti-Counterfeiting
Ocean Optics modular spectroscopy systems offer many ways to counter fraud in industry, in the food chain, and to ensure public safety.
Light/Laser/LED Characterization
Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories can be configured easily into small-footprint systems for measuring the absolute or relative irradiance of a wide range of light  sources.

Energy Technologies     Semiconductor Processing & Thin Film Metrology     Materials Identification
Energy Technologies
Miniature fiber optic spectrometers from Ocean Optics are helpful analytical tools for the investigation and utilization of energy sources such as plants and algae used in biofuels; petroleum and other fossil fuels; and renewable resources such as solar, wind and water.
Semiconductor Processing & Thin Film Metrology
Ocean Optics offers metrology products, spectrometers and accessories for a wide range of semiconductor processing and thin film metrology applications, including materials analysis, plasma monitoring and thin film thickness measurements.
Materials Identification

Ocean Optics offers a range of options for your materials identification needs. Our miniature spectrometers, sub-systems and integrated systems cover techniques ranging from UV-Vis and NIR spectroscopy to chemical composition and Raman analysis.



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