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TriStar - Surface Area & Pore Size Analyzer

TriStar II Plus - Analytical Versatility/High Throughput/Small Footprint The TriStar II Plus is a an automated, three-station, surface area and porosity analyzer that delivers excellent performance and speed of analysis. With three available analysis ports, the TriStar II Plus provides high sample through-put and advanced data analysis features to the user. The unique stainless steel analysis manifold is corrosive resistant and designed for highly accurate gas management for confident and repeatable results. Micromeritics »  Surface Area & Porosity »  TriStar Series

Gemini VII 2390 - Surface Area Analyzer

Unique Design  - The secret of Gemini’s unique capabilities lies in the innovative use of sample and balance tubes. These tubes are identical in every aspect, including their thermal environment. The sample and reference reservoirs, like their associated tubes, are physically identical and are initially charged to the same pressure. During an analysis, differential pressure between reservoirs is monitored. This common mode technique assures that any differential pressure is solely due to adsorption by the sample and not to factors that lead to variations in free space during an analysis. Micromeritics »  Surface Area & Porosity »  Gemini VIII 2390

Dilatometer L76 PT Horizontal

The main application field for the LINSEIS L76 Dilatometer series is the CTE measurement of ceramics, brick, tile, porcelain and building materials. Furthermore it is widely used for quality control purposes in ceramics and in metal industries. Thanks to the fact we started to develop and build Dilatometers in the year 1955, this instrument is very reliable and covers a wide temperature range from RT up to 1000°C, 1400°C and 1600°C with user exchangeable furnaces. It consists of measurement systems made out of quartz glass (up to 1100°C) and Al2O3 (up to 1600°C). Linseis »  Dilatometer »  Horizontal Dilatometer

STA High Temperature

Simultaneous TGA-DTA/DSC measures both heat flow and weight change of sample as a function of temperatureof time under controlled atmosphere. Simultaenous measurement of these two material properties not only improves productivity but also simplifies interpretation of the results. The complimentary information obtained allows differentiation between endothermic and exithernic events which have no assiciated weight change (e.g., melting and crystallization) and those which involve a weight change (e.g., degradation) Linseis »  STA (Simultaneous Thermal Analysis) »  STA High Temperature

EML 200 Premium

The HAVER EML 200 Premium offers a comfort improvement - the machine is much quieter than ever before. Transmission of vibrations to the base is greatly reduced utilising an improved dampening system. The extra-large display offers operators an excellent overview and is user-friendly. The new EML Premium is ideally suited for users who demand precision and reproducible sieve analyses. Haver & Boecker »  HAVER Test Sieves Shakers »  EML 200



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